Please join us on Zoom at 7.15pm on 23rd December for a pre film chat, before we watch our Christmas feature:

Dear OB Film Friends everywhere,

“Great Expectations”

Made in 1946, this is said to be one of the best ever film adaptations of any Dickens’ story.
Directed by the great film director David Lean, just after his ‘Brief Encounter’ gave us one of the most stylish ‘will she, wont she’ stories of all time, and before he filled our big screens with ‘Dr Zhivago’ and ‘Laurence of Arabia’, ‘Great Expectations’ is shot in moody black and white, giving Dickens’ story a tinge of film noir ghostliness. And although some people criticised the casting of John Mills as the adult Pip (main character, for those who don’t know the story!) for being much too old, there are some other wonderful performances, including a young Alec Guinness as Herbert Pocket, and a sepulchral Marita Hunt as the enigmatic Miss Havisham.

So do join us for a wallow into the misty marshes of Dicken’s Essex and follow the fortunes of the young Pip as he tries to make his way in the world in early C19th London.

The film is on the BBC I-player, link below; we hope most of you can find it there.

You are welcome to join the group on Zoom anytime from 7.15pm on 23rd (link below), for a friendly chat before the film or just watch the film. Everyone is welcome. No payment necessary. Wear festive outfits, have a mince pie and glass of something, to add to the Christmas feel.

At 7.30pm, watch the film on your TV, and rejoin the OB group (using the same Zoom link)  around 9.30pm for an-after film chat.

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas, and heres hoping it won’t be too long before we are able to watch a film together in real life!

From the OB Film Nights organising group

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